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    Windows 11 initially without support for Android applications

    When Microsoft introduced a new version of its computer operating system – Windows 11 – at the end of June this year, Microsoft’s announcement that Windows 11 would come with support for running Android applications caused the most attention and enthusiasm. But it seems that all those who rejoiced will have to wait a while for this option to be available.

    Although Microsoft has long claimed that Windows 10 will be the latest version of Windows, they recently introduced its successor, Windows 11. In addition to some minor changes related to the design of the user interface, Windows 11 as a big novelty brings support for Android applications, so Windows 11 will support the execution of Android applications, and Microsoft stated that the applications can be downloaded through the Amazon Store application.

    Still, all those who eagerly awaited that on October 5, 2021, when Windows 11 will officially launch on PCs, try out what it’s like to use an Android app on Windows, will have to wait some more time. Namely, yesterday, in its announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft stated that support for Android applications will not be available immediately. This option, however, will be available to Insider users in the months after the launch.

    As for the other new options that the new Windows version will bring, Microsoft states that they will be available in the first stable release, and this primarily refers to the new Start menu, new user interface design, improvements related to games, and similar, states GSM Arena.


    Latest Posts


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