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    These 3 zodiac signs will never get married – according to the horoscope

    While some people plan their wedding since childhood, others place less emphasis on getting married. The following zodiac signs will probably never get married

    In love, engaged, married … This is how many people imagine the natural course of a romantic relationship. You can hardly wait to go to the altar and put the ring on your loved one. ( These zodiac signs even marry very early !) Other people run away from this idea because for various reasons they do not see themselves in a marriage. According to astrology, you will therefore never elicit the yes word from these three zodiac signs:


    The ambitious Virgos are real organizational talent. Actually, a great feature when it comes to planning a successful wedding, one would think. Unfortunately, perfectionism stands in the way of their own love life, which is why they will always be looking for someone better and not want to commit themselves to the bond of marriage – possibly wrongly.


    The watermark likes to live in its own fantasy world and often does not feel properly understood by others. Pisces-born men are incredibly romantic, but as a result, they tend to fall in love again quickly – sometimes even with several people at the same time. They see the potential for conflict in a wedding and therefore prefer to stay unmarried.


    Say yes to someone? It runs cold down the shooter’s back. After all, his own freedom is most important to him. The fire sign does not want to have to justify anything and has no desire for compromises that could limit it. Sagittarius are true adventurers, which is why the concept of marriage does not fit into their cosmos.

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