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    Sofia Vergara – A detail that makes a plain black dress look twice as good

    Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is a member of the jury on the show “America’s Got Talent”. The famous beauty joined the jury last year in the 15th season, and the new 16th season is just entering its finale.

    After the semi-final shows, only the final ones remain, which will be broadcast live on September 14 and 15. Sofia chooses a great clothing combination for each show, so she shone in the second semifinal as well.

    She wore a black dress by the Russian brand Rasario, which was launched in 2012 by designer Rasida Lakoba. This model of the dress in the original is long, but for Sofia, it has been redesigned and turned into a midi dress.


    And while the cut of the dress is very simple and a bit plain, thanks to the glittery accessory it looks twice as good. Of course, these are effective crystals that adorn it.

    They are strategically sewn to the waist and decollete area and therefore additionally emphasize the fantastic figure of Sofia.

    Latest Posts


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