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    5 mistakes that ensure that your perfume does not last long and how to make your fragrance last

    Have you found your absolute favorite fragrance, but it disappeared after a very short time? We’ll tell you 5 mistakes that are to blame for the fact that your perfume doesn’t last long and we have the best tips for an extra-long hold

    Finding THE perfect perfume is not always easy. But once you’ve found it, please keep it on your skin for as long as possible. But even classic perfumes often do not have the shelf life that one would want. This could be for several reasons, such as applying the scent in the wrong place. But the following mistakes can also be to blame for the fact that your scent disappears after a very short time.

    Mistake 1: The fragrance has too little intensity

    Not everything that smells good on the test strip in the perfumery or drugstore automatically lasts long. The concentration of the fragrance is important. That means: How much scent aroma is actually in the bottle? A distinction is made between these 5 levels: the real perfume or Extrait (15-30%), the Eau de Parfum (10-15%), the Eau de Toilette (5-10%), Cologne: (2-4%) and the Eau fraiche (1-3%), also called body mist, spray or splash. The higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance lasts. Incidentally, it is best to store your perfume collection in a cool place and not expose it to direct sunlight, even if you would like to present the flacons as decorative objects in the bathroom. You should also use up your fragrances within a year so that they do not lose their intensity.

    Mistake 2: Your perfume doesn’t match your skin

    We all know it: Perfume doesn’t smell the same on everyone. The reason for this is our skin. Simply put, perfumes smell more intensely on oily skin than on dry skin. But that doesn’t mean that everyone with dry skin has to constantly carry the perfume bottle around with them and refill them. It is enough if you cream the skin area with body lotion or petroleum jelly before spraying, this creates a better environment for the scent molecules and they stay longer. But be careful: Make sure that the creams you use do not have a strong odor that could adulterate the scent.

    Mistake 3: You are applying the scent incorrectly

    If the bottle has an atomizer, you shouldn’t spray the perfume directly onto the skin. Correctly the scent is applied at a distance of about 10 to 20 cm from the skin so that a fine mist is created. You should definitely stand in this fog, so do not leave the bathroom immediately after spraying on, otherwise, the bathroom carpet will smell more of your favorite scent than you. In addition, you should never rub the freshly perfumed areas – this will destroy the fragrances! Better to dab gently to distribute the scent.

    Mistake 4: You are spraying on the wrong parts of your body

    Perfume should definitely be applied to warm areas of the body close to the pulse. The smell dissipates far too quickly on colder parts of the body. So it’s best to apply your scent to the wrist, neck, crook of the arm, temple, or cleavage. You shouldn’t forget these two spots either: a splash of perfume in the back of the knees or on the earlobe ensures an extra-long hold. Incidentally, one should avoid perfume under the armpits or even in the genital area.

    Mistake 5: You picked the wrong time

    The perfect time to apply perfume is right after a shower. At this point, the skin is cleansed and the pores are enlarged by the warm water so that they can better absorb the fragrances. So dry off gently and scent your body straight away! Fragrance professionals use the right shower gel for their favorite perfume while showering, which further extends the shelf life of the smell.

    3 insider tips for an extra-long hold

    Tip 1: Spray on from the bottom up

    The delicate fragrance molecules fly upwards! So always spray your favorite scent from the bottom up and enjoy the scent longer.

    Tip 2: Spray perfume on the hairbrush

    The hair should also smell good all day long: So just spray a little bit of perfume on the brush.

    Tip 3: Perfume the right clothes

    Fragrances stick best to natural fibers such as cotton, viscose or angora, and cashmere. So from now on, you can also perfume your favorite shirts and sweaters. Caution: The first test on a small area to see whether the fabric can tolerate the scent.

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