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    6 common stylistic mistakes and how to fix them

    Yes, even fashionistas are guilty of wearing a shoe size too small or pairing the wrong bra with an outfit. But sometimes we just need someone else to point it out to us to see the light.

    That’s why I decided to identify some of the most common mistakes we tend to make in our dressing, as well as find the best ideas for correcting them.

    Whether you’re wondering how to dress for your age, size, or event or just how to make your clothes look better and feel more confident, read on to see which style mistakes made the list and who’s the way to avoid them.

    1. You put more accessories than necessary

    Although the style is subjective and should always represent your personality, a review of the outfits of the most influential and stylish women in history shows that the most elegant, refined, and studied outfits always look premium without excessive accessories.

    As Coco Chanel has said: ” Before you leave the house you should always look in the mirror and remove one thing”.

    Solution: Keep it simple

    2. You dress exclusively for your age

    While there’s a lot of advice out there about what you can and can’t wear based on your age, the best clothes are always the ones you feel comfortable and confident in.

    We’ve learned a lot from fashionable women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, but most importantly, how to make fashion work for you, not the other way around.

    Usually with age comes confidence, as we get older we feel better about our image, we learn to love ourselves, and staying true to our own style is paramount.

    Solution: Don’t be afraid to experiment

    3. You buy the wrong size

    Do you have an unwearable item of clothing in the back of your closet because it’s either too small or too big? With inconsistent sizing in stores, shopping can often become a tricky game that ends up being more frustrating than rewarding. Buying a different size than what you are, hoping that it will fit you at some point, means that the proportions of the sleeves, the length of the pants, and the waist will never sculpt your figure and will still be hidden in the closet.

    Solution: Contact your seamstress

    Changing your clothes isn’t as expensive a hassle as it may sound, and it has the added benefit of being tailored to fit your body exactly.

    4. You buy recklessly from fast fashion

    I understand that last-minute purchases, fast delivery, and low prices often lead you to buy fast fashion items. But it gets frustrating when your white t-shirt or everyday jeans wear out over and over again, so it’s much better for your wallet and the environment to invest in higher-quality basics that will stand the test of time.

    Solution: Shop less, shop better

    5. You buy cheap underwear

    It’s easy to think “since they don’t show, why spend more?”, but underwear has a bigger impact on your outfit than you think. They’re not just about comfort, but if they don’t fit and support the body properly, they can change your entire figure.

    Solution: Invest in a good foundation

    To make clothes fit better and give your look a smoother, seamless finish, invest in good underwear that has the right shape.

    6. You prefer style over comfort

    In front of fashion, what is pain? Queuing at the fitting room can be a hassle, but it’s always worth it. Before buying anything new, check if it fits you properly, how it looks from every angle, and if you’ll be comfortable enough to wear it all day (especially in the case of shoes). Something that looks dreamy on the hanger, if it doesn’t let you sit comfortably in the chair or walk for miles in it, it probably won’t be worn again. Because no one wants to spend their day adjusting cuts and coming home with sores and blisters.

    Solution: Comfort is king

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