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    You should definitely know these cool fashion labels from the far north

    It is not only during Fashion Week in Copenhagen and Stockholm that it is evident time and again that Scandinavians have an exceptionally good sense of style and fashion – and they have the coolest brands. We introduce you to labels from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, which are particularly popular with the fashion crowd

    Why is Scandinavian fashion so popular?

    Minimalistic, functional, and reserved, on the one hand, extremely edgy, unconventional, and extravagant on the other. Like hardly any other fashion nation, the Scandinavians manage to bring these two seemingly irreconcilable poles under one roof in a very harmonious way. And that’s exactly what makes her fashion so exciting: The game with opposites and the inimitable casualness of wearing them as a matter of course. You can see here which Scandinavian labels are particularly good at this art:

    You should know these Scandinavian fashion brands:

    Danish fashion: Rabens Saloner

    Elegant modernity meets traditional craftsmanship and a good pinch of boho flair: the Danish label Rabens Saloner was founded in 2007 by Birgitte Raben. With a design team in Copenhagen and an outpost in Bali, where the designer spends six months a year, her label captures the best of both worlds – Scandinavian-reduced elegance and a Balinese feel for colors and patterns. In cooperation with a team of Balinese artisans and dyers, parts of the collections by Rabens Saloner (including especially dresses, skirts, tops and bikinis) are provided with a characteristic batik pattern, which evolves season after season.

    Danish fashion: Becksondergaard

    Becksondergaard was founded in Copenhagen in 2003 with the vision of creating accessories for women who appreciate playful, individual designs that make new styles possible over and over again. The brand quickly became known for its colors, contrasts and unique print patterns. Since February 2019 the Becksöndergaard design team has been under the management of Katrine Larsø Jensen (formerly Baum und Pferdgarten), who has made the brand a go-to place for handbags, hair accessories and towels.

    Danish fashion: Ganni

    Always up to date and extremely casual: The Danish label Ganni is one of the hottest Scandinavian brands right now. In addition to the cool wardrobe basics, Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup is known for the design of her extravagant ready-to-wear items such as dresses and skirts with eye-catching prints, which can be combined in many ways and are particularly popular with celebrities, fashion influencers and editors . In addition, Ganni has a lot of cool sweaters, coats, jackets and T-shirts as well as accessories, shoes and lingerie in its range.

    Danish fashion: Saks Potts

    The two Danes Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks don’t have much to do with what is supposedly so typical of Scandinavian minimalism. The fashion that the two designers have been creating for their Copenhagen label Saks Potts since 2013 is extravagant and very colorful – including, above all, colorful coats and jackets, but also a few trousers, shirts and accessories.

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