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    You should definitely avoid these 5 hair care mistakes with curly hair

    Every hair type needs special care. Women with curly hair in particular should definitely avoid the following mistakes. Plus: curls look particularly beautiful with these products

    Many women dream of curly hair. However, those who have them are often dissatisfied and complain about the enormous amount of maintenance required. However, if you avoid these five mistakes in the future, you will easily manage to tame your curly mane and let it shine in a healthy shine.

    Curly hair: these 5 mistakes should be avoided

    1. Curl mistake: use shampoo with sulfates

    Sulfates are not good for curly hair. They remove the natural care of the special hair structure, dry it out and make it brittle. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the ingredients when choosing a hair shampoo. Instead of shampoos sulfate-based, you should be moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa, coconut oil, or milk protein access.

    2. Hairstyling mistakes: Put styling products into towel-dried hair

    It’s really just a matter of habit: we get out of the shower and dry our hair off. Then we wrap a turban and let the hair dry a little before we resort to styling products. But that is exactly what is wrong! Care products must be applied and massaged into the hair while it is wet. If the hair is too dry, the products cannot penetrate the cells optimally.

    3. Hair Care Mistakes: Playing with the hair while it dries

    Who does not know it: While the hair is drying, we like to reach into it, twirl individual strands or just unconsciously play around with it. But that’s a big mistake – regardless of whether the hair is dry or still wet. Because friction leads to frizz, i.e. to protruding or curling hair, which in turn creates a restless overall look.

    4. Mistake with curls: high heat setting on curling irons

    Some curls still have to be defined a little with the help of styling devices in order to develop their true beauty. Anyone who thinks that a lot helps a lot is wrong. High-temperature curling irons break and damage hair. Even at a reasonable temperature (experts recommend 170 to 220 degrees) you should be extremely economical with the use of a curling iron.

    5. Curl Mistake: Don’t invest in quality products and haircuts

    Care is the be-all and end-all! It is therefore advisable to invest in appropriate products and to let a professional do the work from time to time. The hairdresser can also give you tips on how to tame your curls at home without harming them.

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