Friday, June 14, 2024

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    Unavailable for users – Microsoft services no longer support Internet Explorer

    A Microsoft subscription covering Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, and other services has become unavailable to Internet Explorer users since Aug. 18.

    This announcement shocked many who still use Internet Explorer, but Microsoft had already announced that the web browser would soon shut down and that all forms of subscription to Microsoft services on it would become unavailable as Microsoft Edge took over as the official web browser for Windows.

    Back in August 2020, there was an official announcement that Microsoft 365 services for Internet Explorer would be blocked during August 2021 and users would be given a transitional period of one year to adjust.

    The process of discontinuing support for Internet Explorer began in November last year when access to use the Microsoft Teams application was disabled.

    Surprisingly, this post also applies to users who already have a paid subscription to a Microsoft 365 membership. The mentioned services are also no longer available to them if they use Internet Explorer.

    The discontinuation of service coverage also applies to older versions of Microsoft Edge. Back in March, Microsoft announced that all older versions of Edge would be replaced with a new version based on Chromium, and in this case they have the same status as Internet Explorer, and all services are unavailable on them, reports Pcchip.


    Latest Posts


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