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    The team of the film “Elegy of the Laurel” walked the red carpet on the eve of the world premiere

    The people are wonderful as is the atmosphere and the energy that reigns, said American director and one of the jury members Mike Cahill

    On the second red carpet on the third day of the Sarajevo Film Festival, taking into account that an “extraordinary” red carpet was held in the afternoon by Bono Vox and Wim Wenders, the teams of the films “Elegy of Laurel” and “Women Cry” from the Competition Program gathered. – a feature film whose selector is Elma Tataragic.

    Among them are the director of “Elegy of the Laurel” Dusan Kasalica, and actors Frano Lasic, Lidija Kordic, Nikolina Bogdanovic.

    • Considering that this is a film that combines elements of drama, comedy, and fiction, it will be especially interesting to see how the audience reacts. Especially after a year and a half of not going to the cinema, that is my biggest excitement. I have been coming to SFF since my student days, I also worked here on a short film, so only the most beautiful things bind me to this city and it is a real pleasure for me – director Kasalica told “Media”.

    The president of the jury, actress Jasna Đuricic, still attracted a lot of attention today, primarily with her youthful appearance and excellent styling.

    There were other members of the jury, including the American director Mike Cahill, who also walked through the Bosnian carpet and told “Media”:

    This is my first visit to Sarajevo and my first impressions are wonderful. I have some very close friends here. The people are very hospitable and I am glad that I had the opportunity to come and visit the city.

    The director is a vegetarian by the way, and he says with a laugh that he is a bit specific, considering that he is BH. the kitchen was known for its meat dishes.

    Yes, there are key dishes with meat in your kitchen, but I manage.

    Cahill says he has seen five films so far.

    I really have to praise the film industry and I have only positive impressions – he concluded.

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