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    Only limited people have prejudices – Ines Radoncic

    Ines Radoncic will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Miss Earth pageant in November. Lindsey Coffey, last year’s winner from the United States, will present the crown to the most beautiful.

    Ines was crowned on July 24, and inherited the title from Amina Hasanbegovic. The young entrepreneur from Sarajevo, who recently graduated in International Business and Finance at the International University in Sarajevo, also owns a beauty salon.

    She spoke for “Media” about herself, how she feels after the coronation, and revealed how she is preparing for the world competition.

    Serious competition

    Did you expect a title?

    I secretly hoped, because all of us who come to the competition are fighting for the first place. I can say that I had a huge competition, I met a lot of beautiful girls and I am glad about that.

    Are you nervous?

    It is not enough to say that I am nervous, it is not a small thing for me. I will do my best to present our country in the best light.

    What do your preparations look like?

    I train every day, I wake up around 6 in the morning and go for a run. It should maintain an attractive appearance, but that is less important. It is my duty to present the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We still do not have information on whether the competition will be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. Given that I am a representative of our country, this is no small matter. Everything will be done on a professional level.

    Ines Radoncic
    Photo Archive: Ines Radoncic

    Misconceptions of others

    What does the title mean to you?

      For me personally, it is a huge thing. Misica should not only be beautiful as many think. The title is a reflection of personality, to win it you must meet certain conditions. One should speak two foreign languages, be educated. Behavior, posture, speech, I consider myself an example of a girl working on herself.

    How do you deal with muscle prejudices?

    It always is and will be, whether they have a title or not. I don’t pay attention to that, because only limited people have prejudices. I am not touched by the comments of people who have not met me, it is absurd for me. Basically, who has the right to judge someone?

    What are your plans?

    I was hired by some cosmetic companies and I will do commercials soon. I have also applied in several places as far as the vocation I was educated for is concerned, so we will see how it all unfolds.

    There is time for love

    What is your emotional status?

    I am free, at the moment my focus is on my career. There is time for love, my goal is to achieve in every field to have a quality love life.

    What does a man have to have to win you over?

    First of all, respect and understanding my work. I want someone who will support me and motivate me to move forward, not hold me back. That is the most important thing to me.

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