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    Clean your phone with these cleaners? Avoid at all costs!

    Cleaning your tablet or smartphone with the wrong tools can cause permanent damage. Extend its service life by bypassing these seemingly practical cleaning methods.

    Hand sanitizer

    Since some disinfectants have ingredients such as fragrance and ethyl alcohol, it is best to keep hand sanitizers away from the phone screen. If, however, you touched something before coming to the home, disinfect your hands before going to touch the screen to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. For best results, use manufactured disinfectant, instead of preparing your own at home.

    Window cleaner

    You clean your mirrors and windows with glass cleaner and they are clean – then why wouldn’t this method work on a smartphone screen as well? Because many new phones, including those from Apple, have a protective layer that repels water and oil and that can wear out over time.

    By using aggressive agents, this layer can be erased and make the phone much more vulnerable to scratches. If you ask experts, you will hear that all cleaning agents that have an abrasive ingredient can scratch the screen of your device.

    Kitchen cleaners

    Scratch-proof options may not be erased with a surface cleaner, but the problem is due to the oil coating. Apple also warns that abrasives can damage the protective layer of the phone.

    Paper towels

    Although they absorb liquid perfectly and clean tables, paper towels are not good for screens. The paper can shred and create more debris on the screen or in some cases – scratch it. If you are already cleaning the screen, do so with a microfiber cloth.


    Since newer phones have a protective coating, alcohol can remove it over time making the phone more prone to scratches. Apple, for example, begs users not to use alcohol when cleaning devices.

    Makeup remover

    Some of these products contain chemicals that can damage the electronic screen. Instead, take a piece of soft cloth and soak it in water and clean your smartphone, Cnet warns.

    Compressed air

    Your smartphone is a rather sensitive device, which means that blowing an intense amount of air into the inlets can cause damage – especially to the microphone. Therefore, Apple suggests that you do not use compressed air to clean their devices.

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