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    A kiss can reveal to you what your relationship will be like

    It is not just a form of fun and intimacy, but the foundation of a healthy and strong relationship

    Imagine that you can learn a lot from a kiss and that it contains some information.

    We know that a kiss serves to exchange tenderness and passion, but it actually has a different role as well. Scientific research shows that while we kiss, we also exchange information that we are not even aware of. Our brain cells then draw conclusions, which can decide the fate of further relationships between partners.

    Researchers from the University of Oxford examined in detail the secrets that kiss hide and came to the result that women are better able to recognize which partner is right for them after kissing. They are pickier and attach more importance to it. How not, when this kind of tenderness reveals to us what someone loves, then what kind of health he is, and finally, how reliable a person he is.

    In addition, ladies want to find a partner in the long run, especially if they are planning to have a child. As they kiss, the partners exchange an oily substance called sebum, which is produced by the glands. This happens by touching the skin around and inside the mouth. Sebum contains pheromones, which give us valuable information about another person. He discovers what the couple has in common.

    Furthermore, this substance hides whether the partner is healthy enough and capable of creating a family. Of course, the evaluation process takes place unconsciously, but it also influences our decision. As many as 60 percent of respondents said they had lost interest in a potential relationship, after a bad first kiss. Kissing can awaken attraction, but if it’s not as good as we expected, so does repulsion.

    A kiss strengthens the relationship between two people who love each other because it stimulates the secretion of oxytocin, known as the love hormone. In addition to this hormone, serotonin is secreted, which lifts the mood, brings the couple closer, and creates trust. On the other hand, the work of cortisol, a stress hormone, is minimal. You will probably think about all this the next time you exchange kisses with your partner.

    It is not just a form of fun and intimacy, but the foundation of a healthy and strong relationship.

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