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    NATO saw a threat to Crimea in large-scale Black Sea exercises

    The United States sent warships to the maritime borders of Russia

    The largest naval exercises of the NATO countries and the Alliance partner states started in the Black Sea. The most active part of the exercises is taken by the Ukrainian and US Navy. An official NATO statement says the maneuvers are aimed at maintaining the “territorial integrity of Ukraine” and “non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea.” MegaloPreneur learned what the United States and its allies were preparing in relation to Russian territory.

    Warships and vessels, as well as aviation and military units from 32 countries at once, arrived in the area of ​​the large-scale NATO exercises Sea Breeze-21 (“Sea Breeze-21”). A number of states have sent detachments of naval special forces and other elite army units to the region. Washington states that the exercises are aimed at increasing the combat readiness of the US Navy and allied countries in the context of “Russia’s aggressive actions” in the Black Sea. In addition to the United States, Ukraine, and other countries of the Black Sea region, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Israel are taking part in the exercises. In total, 5,000 military personnel are involved in the exercises.

    The flagship of the NATO grouping of ships in the exercises will be the US destroyer USS Ross DDG71, which on the eve passed the Black Sea straits and joined the squadron of NATO forces. In total, 32 warships and 40 aircraft will take part in the exercise. This is the largest NATO exercise in the region in decades.

    The maneuvers are taking place against the backdrop of escalating tensions between Russia and NATO, as well as between Russia and Ukraine. Western media write that NATO countries took advantage of the Sea Breeze exercise to demonstrate Western solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the “growing Russian military threat.”

    NATO’s official statement emphasizes that the Alliance fully supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemns the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Many Western publications call the exercise a “direct challenge” to Russia amid the recent conflict involving a British Navy destroyer.

    CNN TV channel noted that the United States is actively involved in strengthening the naval power of Ukraine, and the exercises that have begun are part of Washington’s global plan to create a “counterbalance” to Russia in the Black Sea. Formally, the actions of the US Navy are not directed directly against Russia. However, experts urge not to trust the statements of the White House.

    Military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky told Media that the maneuvers that have begun are a sign that the new American administration will put pressure on Russia on all fronts. And NATO forces will appear off the coast of the peninsula more and more often.

    Of course, they will not take our borders under constant siege. But on the other hand, they will press more and more. Their planes fly to our borders almost every day. Sometimes two or three. Ukrainian Air Force drones will start flying soon. They can be on duty 24 hours a day. Obviously, the exercises that have begun are a reaction to our recent large-scale exercises in Crimea and at the western borders of the country. NATO members want to show: “There are many of us, but you are alone.” This is a powerful psychological message. Next – the creation of a NATO base in Ukraine, from where warships will regularly leave, collect information about our air defense systems in Crimea and monitor the reaction of our troops.

    What plans does the United States have for Crimea?

    In the ideal format – the rejection of the region from Russia. This does not mean that they are ready to fight themselves or send someone to the war. But they want to turn Crimea into a kind of exclusion zone. And at least from the sea to threaten him. To see all the actions of our Black Sea Fleet. In Soviet times, Crimea was called a “ground aircraft carrier” – there were so many air bases, air force, and air defense formations there. Globally, it is the node of our defense, its southwestern outpost. And in order to prevent it from developing in full force, the United States will conduct exercises, provide ships not only to Ukraine, but also to Romania, Bulgaria, and Georgia. And by the way, Ukraine will receive anti-ship missiles in the near future. And this is also a signal: “there is nothing to swim here for those who do not have permission from the United States.”

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