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    Fani Stipkovic showed that she stays in top form

    You can’t always control what’s going on in your body, but that’s why you can keep an eye on what’s out there, she wrote on her Instagram profile

    That her appearance and health are important, as well as that she is a great lover of sports life, Fani Stipkovic never hid. She has long since replaced her walk on the model runways by walking on sports fields, where she did an interview with the world’s biggest faces, and she attaches no less importance to regular training, thanks to which she always stays in top shape.

    You can’t always control what’s going on in your body, but you can pay attention to what’s out there – Fani wrote on her Instagram profile and posted a photo showing how flexible she is, which can be attributed to regular training. Dressed in black leggings and a top, with her hair raised high in a ponytail, from which a braid is woven, the famous journalist decided to stretch, so she “hung” her legs with straps attached to the ceiling and lowered her head almost to the floor, spreading her arms wide.

    Yoga pose, as well as everything related to exercise, was performed flawlessly, and everything revealed a slender figure that many envy her. Next year, this native of Korcula will mark ten years since she changed her Zagreb address to the one in Madrid, where she enjoys the benefits of her work.

    Latest Posts


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