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    Britney Spears is not sure if she will return to the music scene

    Spears posted a video on Instagram in which he answers some questions from fans

    Britney Spears ( Britney Spears ), which is not publicly performed by the end of 2018 and is under the supervision of the court, to publish on their Instagram profile said she was not sure if I will ever return to the music scene and again to perform.

    Spears posted a video on Instagram in which she answers some questions from fans, and one of the three posted was related to her return to the scene.

    Am I ready to go on stage again? Will I ever go on stage again? “I don’t know,” Britney said in the video.

    Her comments followed numerous pleas from fans to reassure them that it was good after growing conspiracy theories to keep her locked up against her will and to send secret messages for help through videos she posts.

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