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    The dark secrets of the famous Playboy fairy are revealed – What was going on behind closed doors?

    We knew it was a tacit condition to stay in the villa, Madison told Media

    The shocking memoirs of the most famous Playboy bunny Holly Madison (Holly Madison, 41) “Down the Rabbit Hole” from 2015 are a template for a new series of Sony TV that will reveal the dark sides of life in the famous villa of Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner ).

    Holi spoke in them about the bizarre sexual desires of the owners of the Playboy empire and drugged orgies in which bunnies were forced to participate in order to be able to live for free in a luxury villa.

    “We knew it was a tacit condition to stay in the villa,” Madison, Hefner’s longest girlfriend, told Media.

    They were walking when she moved into his villa in 2001, and he immediately took control of her finances and did not allow her to earn money outside his empire. While they were in a relationship, she said she wanted to marry him and have children, and Hefner claimed that he would be with her for the rest of his life, but in 2008 they broke up. Madison described their breakup as the final cure for Stockholm Syndrome.

    While still his girlfriend, she became the star of the reality show “Girls Next Door” which, in addition to her, followed the lives of two other Playboy bunnies, Bridget Marquardt and Kendre Wilkinson, with whom Hugh was also particularly close.

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    Holly described life in the infamous villa as “hell” and admitted that she planned to commit suicide.

    Hefner regularly criticized her appearance and did not allow her to visit a therapist when she was battling depression which is why she thought taking her own life was her only way out.

    • I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought of drowning in order to escape from that crazy life – she wrote in her memoirs,

    When she finally left Hefner and the villa, she was replaced by bunny Crystal Harris whom Hugh married in 2012 and they were married until his death in 2017. Harris often criticized Madison in public and accused her of making up everything she wrote in her memoirs just because Hefner did not marry her.

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