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    The situation in the Ryazan region, where explosions are thundering-residents refuse to evacuate

    Villagers are afraid to leave their homes, animals, and food

    In the Ryazan region, a large fire broke out in a military warehouse where ammunition is stored, which led to a series of explosions. Residents of nearby villages were evacuated to a school in the village of Voslebovo, Skopinsky district. However, many of them are in a hurry to return home, despite the dangerous situation.

    Voslebovskaya school became a transit point for fire victims. More than a hundred people were accommodated in the educational institution. The people were brought in on school buses and gazelles.

    – We can’t talk yet, we just don’t have time, we urgently import food, water, accommodate people, feed everyone. It is not known how long they will stay here, – said a school employee.

    We contacted a girl whose parents live in the village of Shelemishevo, which is not far from the place of emergency.

    – According to the parents, it all started at about two in the afternoon, – says Marina. – From the direction of the military base there was a noise, smoke poured. There was such a noise that they could not make out, there were pops, explosions, they simply did not understand. Everyone from the village was evacuated to the city of Skopin. Most of the residents have their own cars, they left by themselves. But there were those who refused to evacuate, were afraid to leave their farm. So they said: “We will save houses by our own efforts.”

    – Did the houses in the village collapse?

    – My friend works in a military village shop. At the time of the fire, she was there. I saw a five-story building collapse. She managed to leave for Shelemishevo. She says that the situation in our village is more or less calm because it is protected by the forest. But in the other direction hollows noticeably. The settlements Zheltukhinsky and Kuzminka suffered more.

    – Did your parents leave?

    – The parents got scared, grabbed the documents, and immediately left for Skopin. They were evacuated by minibus. All living creatures remained there – chickens, cats, a dog.

    – Are they accommodated in school?

    – Yes, they were well received there. They fed me hot food, periodically asked if they needed anything. True, I don’t know about the mattresses, they’ll probably leave them there for the night until they’ve put out everything.

    – What houses in Shelemishevo?

    – The village is not too big, 1500-2000 people, together with the adjacent villages. Many old houses are rustic, one-story. In the center there are several two-story buildings and one three-story house. The ground there was shaking decently, so the locals are worried so that the buildings will not collapse from the tremors.

    – Someone stayed in the village?

    – Our neighbor, who lives opposite, remained in Shelemishevo. He keeps his parents informed of what is happening. Honestly, my father already regrets that he agreed to be evacuated. He is worried about the animals. When the noise began, the dog huddled under the bed and did not get out of there, she is afraid of loud noises. The parents also cut off electricity and gas just in case. Now they are worried that the food will defrost. Our other neighbor has just returned home himself, he has a car. Says there is more hype on the news. The wind blows from the village. Now acquaintances who have returned said that the explosions had stopped, a powerful glow remained. The roads are blocked on all sides. But in Shelemishevo itself everything is calm. There is destruction in the military settlement itself. The helicopter is still flying over the accident site, extinguishing the outbreaks. At the military base itself, the soldier’s canteen was demolished to zero, one two-story wooden house has literally taken shape. As for the five-story building, they say it was on fire, but whether it collapsed or not, there is no exact data yet.

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