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    The conflict between the starlet and Kristijan Golubovic continues – I was incited to mention his child

    I have forwarded a dozen shots in which he threatened

    Kristijan Golubovic, who spent many years out of jail, is currently the real name of the reality show Zadruga, and the newspaper columns are also filled with his conflict with starlet Stanija Dobrojević. After Golubovic publicly threatened to kill her, she sued him, so he went out of court to testify.

    The starlet is obviously determined not to give up the conflict, but she denied that her closest ones were endangered.

    • It is not true that Christian’s people threatened my mother and brother. It is true that the police came to my brother before I filed a criminal complaint because this case was primarily initiated by the state as he publicly threatened death. There is also a video as evidence and millions of viewers who were with the small screens at the time. By the way, this is not a single recording, nor an effect, I have forwarded a dozen recordings in which he threatens, spits … And even after returning from court, he said in the latest recording an alibi, “I’m going to Australia, watching the Nadal-Djokovic match”, and something happens to her in Ruma.

    In addition, Dobrojevic referred to a possible apology to Golubović for publicly saying that her daughter Vera was not actually his.

    – That’s the smallest problem. I was incited to do so by his close people. They asked me to mention it. After all, he can do DNA analysis and prove to everyone that everything that is written and won in court is a lie. At least I would. He cursed me all alive and dead for a month, and that’s okay? I did not touch the child but him I returned him for insults, the starlet told media.

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