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    Severina about the crown – I had it, without symptoms, but some of my friends were dying

    She recalled her experience with the infection on Instagram

    On Instagram, Severina called on everyone to wear masks and keep their distance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Severina got over the coronavirus this summer, and on her Instagram, she has now commented on her experience, but also on the experience of her friends. She urged everyone to adhere to precautions.

    • I overcame the crown, I had no symptoms, some of my friends had strong symptoms, “died” of impotence, but thank God, they are all alive. An acquaintance of mine from Split described her story when they attached her to a respirator. An athlete, a bride, three children … says she wanted to die. Some say that the corona comes in an even worse form … Some say that aliens are coming to us … They say everything, but you listen to your conscience and take care of yourself and others – the singer wrote and continued:

    • This is Tokyo, I was there in 2002. Their traffic lights would show a thousand people huddled together. This is Tokyo, tonight around 8pm their time. They are all with masks and at a distance. Can we do this? On TV, only the numbers give us, so many infected, so many dead + so many infected that they don’t even know about. Doctors and nurses are infected, hospitals are full, and people with serious illnesses, such as cancer, are waiting … And we are all waiting for someone to tell us “it’s over”. But it’s over with irresponsibility. Please wear masks and keep your distance. I love people very much and I miss people and concerts, but now that a thousand people a day get sick, now I love you the most. Please wear masks and beware. And don’t be one of the “numbers”. I love you “- Severina wrote in the description of the video from Tokyo.

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