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    Nicole Neumann’s spicy confession about hotels accommodation

    The panelist from Us in the morning He confessed that he has gone on some occasions and revealed what he thinks about it.

    “Have you gone?” He asked The Chicken Alvarez to the blonde without many laps. “I went three, four times, one of those times to do an underwear photo campaign“She answered bluntly. Without understanding her answer very well, the driver wanted to know if she had used the hotel with someone from the work team of that campaign because”painted some“Being there.” No, one of the three or four times I went to work, “she clarified.

    “Usually always I was a girlfriend, and long courtships, so they were neither photographers nor models, “he explained about that misunderstanding.

    Trying to get more information out of him Alvarez wanted to know what I thought of the hostels. “Do they look cute? Did you like any?“, he consulted.” Some are very good, as a different plan of the couple is good, “said the model.

    A few days ago, and from your program, Pampita she also joined the debate, although she made it clear: “I never had or felt the need to go to a temporary shelter. I have lived alone since I was 16, so I never had to go anywhere. I had my department, my place. “

    There is nothing safer than a ‘telo’. The couple enters with the car, has no contact with the concierge or anyone, goes straight to the room, does their thing, and leaves. Then a deep cleaning is done for the later shift, “he said. Franco Sakkal, director of three temporary shelters in the AMBA, a few days ago when he complained about the opening of them.

    At the same time, during the debate on whether to open them or not, the Health Minister of the Buenos Aires city, Fernan Quirós, he assured that “sex is an essential component to bond between human beings. Some couples have been able to sustain the distance and later they could not sustain it anymore. They have maintained their emotional ties each one in the way they could. What has happened naturally is that these bonds have been restored and these sexual relationships will continue to occur. “

    Latest Posts


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