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    It’s time for Libra: Romantic idealists

    Libra loves comfort, a certain luxury, sophistication, comfort, and everything that is a reflection of good taste. They find the most complete expression in love, the manifestation of which comes, at the same time, from a very personal note and the ability to keep a partner. The charm of their “I” becomes a mirror of their partner’s “YOU”. They get along well with people of a mild nature, who can calm them down and tie them to themselves so that they don’t fly too high.

    There are incorrigible idealists, romantics, and dreamers, who dream of one love for the rest of their lives. They love and enjoy different seduction games. They embody charm, beauty, and elegance. They love subtle, gallant people and love stories. They do not tolerate stinginess and rude behavior, as well as people without style.

    Libra is characterized by dimples on the cheeks, chin, or knees. In the shape of any part of the body, they have almost no sharp corners, everything on them is made of curves. Their voice is pleasant and clear. They are easily recognized by the fact that they always have a nice or at least neutral facial expression.

    Both mentally and physically, Libra is one of the healthiest people, unless they overdo it. They should not forget the obligatory periods of rest with light music, books, and soothing words of a dear person. The secret of Libra is perhaps best explained by the seasons. Winter is too cold for them, summer is too warm, and they like the blue sky of spring and the golden colors of autumn the most.

    Latest Posts


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