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    Cleanse the body of toxins

    The accumulation of toxins in the body can cause health problems

    Toxins enter the body from various sources, polluted air, smoking, pesticides, food containing artificial ingredients … It often happens that toxins do not leave the body, but accumulate in it. The accumulation of toxins in the body over time can cause health problems from the smallest, such as indigestion and lack of energy, to more serious ones such as arthritis, allergies, and heart disease.

    Tired and sluggish

    And that your body is full of toxins, you can recognize based on several symptoms. If only one of them bothers you, it may indicate an excessive amount of toxins.

    Accumulation of toxins is a common cause of insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping, it may mean that you should cleanse your liver, as insomnia is often associated with liver problems. Drinks made from broccoli, cauliflower and similar vegetables will help cleanse the liver.

    If you wake up tired and sluggish, and the feeling of lethargy accompanies you all day, you should definitely consider detoxification. If you try to compensate for the lack of energy with stimulants, such as caffeine and taurine, you will only make the problem worse. After a brief feeling of greater alertness, there is a sudden drop in that feeling, after which you will feel even more tired than before.

    Tension headache

    Chronic headaches, which keep coming back, can warn of an excessive amount of toxins in the body. Toxin retention is one of the biggest causes of tension headaches and migraines. It should be noted that headaches can worsen during the detoxification process, but once the detoxification is complete, they should disappear completely or at least be significantly reduced.

    Rash and pimples

    Rash and pimples-MegaloPreneur

    The largest organ of the skin also helps the body remove toxins from the body. If the main organs for removing toxins do not work as they should, then the skin jumps in to help. That the body is trying to cleanse itself of toxins can be recognized by unusual skin conditions, such as rashes and pimples, or acne. Many skin problems indicate that the body needs cleansing.

    Three ways to cleanse the body

    Three ways to cleanse the body-MegaloPreneur

    To get rid of toxins and prevent health problems, cleanse your body regularly.

    1. Sauna is the simplest way to cleanse the body, and anyone can apply it. Saunas and spas have long been used in many cultures. Sweating and sauna have always been associated with good health and the healing process.
    2. Fasting is the oldest method of cleansing from toxins. Fasting cleanses the body – all organs and cells – of harmful substances and restores them. During fasting digestion, the heart and circulatory system are less stressed. Breathing improves, and the lungs and cells of the body are better supplied with oxygen. Fasting regulates the work of many organs and improves overall metabolism.
    3. Natural chelates are agents that bind toxins and heavy metals to themselves, after which they expel them from the body. There are synthetic and natural chelates. Strong natural chelates include chlorophyll, coriander, zeolite, and green clay.

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