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    Ximena Capristo told why she does not want to have another child

    The actress assured that she does not want to go through that process again. “I suffered a lot from the search,” he revealed.

    In January 2017, Ximena Capristo and Gustavo Conti t uvieron to Felix , after several years of searching. And although she is happy with motherhood, the actress says she does not want to enlarge the family again.

    In the framework of the virtual re-release with her husband of the comedy como que , Ximena was interviewed by El show del problem, where her friend Silvina Luna reminded her that during that job she got pregnant.

    “It is thus, we came for 4 years looking for the child and nothing happened. He came doing this comedy,” said Capristo.

    But when Nicolas Magaldi asked him if, as now they are doing the same work, the same thing would happen again, Ximena was blunt: “No! I already told Gus : ‘If you want to have another child, I’ll leave you, I’ll allow it, Go and have him with a younger girl. ‘

    “It’s not that I don’t want to. I suffered a lot throughout the search, I suffered undergoing studies and being treated. I suffered a lot. After the pregnancy was beautiful,” he revealed.

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