Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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    Karl Eskil hired to manage Samherji’s website and media

    Karl Eskil Palsson, a journalist, has been hired by Samherji and will share news on the company’s website and social media, in addition to which he will run Samherji’s internal website where information and educational material is provided to employees.

    This is stated on Samherji’s website. Karl Eskil will also have various other projects in the field of information in his jug. Samherji has been in the media spotlight in recent months due to the Samherji documents that appeared on Wikileaks and information that came out about Samherji’s questionable business practices in Namibia.

    The announcement states that Karl Eskil is an experienced journalist who has worked for two decades at the RUV news agency in Akureyri, been the editor of the regional newspaper, an independent journalist and most recently a programmer at the television station, in Akureyri.

    The fishing industry has been his main specialty in the media, as well as coverage of business and human life in the country, especially in the countryside.

    Familiar with Samherji’s operations and infrastructure

    According to Karl Eskil, due to his work in recent decades, he is somewhat familiar with Samherji’s operations and infrastructure.

    “Samherji probably has the largest innovation companies in the country. In this connection, it is sufficient to mention an impressive fleet of vessels, perfect land processing, vessels that can store live fish in equipped tanks and planned land-based farming in Reykjanesbaer. The list is actually longer in terms of innovation.

    Samherji employs solution-oriented and hard-working people, who succeed in developing this progressive and technologically advanced company, where emphasis is placed on a good and creative working environment. As I said, I am full of anticipation and grateful to have been patterned on board. There are many big projects in the pipeline at Samherji, which the company wants to report on and inform in a high-quality and reliable way, “said Karl Eskil, who started work today.

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