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    A modern ecological paradise has become a jungle full of mosquitoes

    So far, only a dozen families have moved into apartments with vertical gardens due to the fear of infection.

    An experimental green housing project in the Chinese megacity of Chengdu has guaranteed future tenants a life in the greenery of landscaped gardens on each balcony in the so-called vertical forest. However, their plans were thwarted by mosquitoes.

    Various plants

    The balconies are so overgrown with vegetation that apartment owners avoid living in them due to the infestation of mosquitoes, which, like humans, are very fond of plants. The Real Estate Agency says that all 826 apartments have been sold by April this year, but instead of a modern ecological paradise, the skyscrapers are now reminiscent of shooting a set of some post-apocalyptic film.

    So far, only a dozen families have moved into the apartments of buildings with vertical gardens, due to the fear of infection, state media reported.

    The block of eight buildings was built back in 2018, and each balcony is designed to provide enough space for growing and growing various plants.

    But without most of the occupants yet to move in, the vegetation on the balconies went wild, turning a potential ‘eco-paradise’ into a jungle full of mosquitoes.

    More branches

    Plants have almost completely swallowed some neglected balconies, and branches hang over fences, footage taken this month showed. However, the footage shows some residents daring to oppose the mosquitoes. Namely, a handful of balconies had pruned plants and outdoor furniture, and lights were lit inside the apartments.

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