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    Angelina Jolie’s Profound Revelations: Racial Disparity Imperils the Well-Being of Her Children of Color

    In an impassioned op-ed, Jolie sheds light on the perilous consequences of prioritizing white skin in healthcare.

    Angelina Jolie, the illustrious actress and devoted humanitarian, fearlessly tackles the distressing issue of racial disparities in healthcare. In a recent op-ed published in the esteemed American Journal of Nursing on July 5, Jolie eloquently addresses the critical topic, particularly emphasizing the detrimental consequences that arise when medical research, imagery, and training centers disproportionately focus on the nuances of white skin. With her unique perspective as the mother of six children, including those of diverse races, Jolie shares heartfelt anecdotes and compelling insights, shedding light on the endangerment faced by her children of color due to misdiagnoses and inadequate medical attention.

    Jolie’s captivating op-ed delves into the challenges faced by survivors of domestic violence, specifically concerning the detection and documentation of bruises on individuals with darker skin tones. The accomplished actress, aged 48, skillfully articulates how the prevailing preference for white skin in medicine has led to the negligence of medical professionals, resulting in overlooked injuries that vary based on race and ethnicity.

    “As a loving mother to children of multiple races, I have witnessed firsthand the misdiagnosis of my children of color, exposing them to potential health risks,” writes Jolie passionately, reflecting her profound concern. Her brood includes Maddox, her eldest child, who was adopted from Cambodia, Zahara, her Ethiopian-born daughter, and Pax, her Vietnamese-born son. Furthermore, Jolie shares three biological children with her former spouse Brad Pitt: Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne.

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    In her op-ed, Jolie eloquently navigates the intricate topic of bruising in individuals with darker skin tones, highlighting the inherent difficulties in detection and documentation without the proper tools and resources. While her primary focus revolves around empowering survivors of domestic abuse, she shares a personal account that vividly captures her own experience as a mother. Jolie recounts a distressing incident when her daughter Zahara, hailing from Ethiopia, required hospitalization for a medical procedure. Astonishingly, a nurse advised Jolie to contact her if Zahara “turns pink near her incisions,” leaving Jolie bewildered and disheartened. Faced with this disconcerting situation, Jolie engaged in a heartfelt conversation with her daughter, acknowledging the need to rely on their own knowledge to identify signs of infection, rather than relying solely on the nurse’s well-intentioned yet misguided advice.

    Even with privileged access to top-tier medical care, Jolie emphasizes that simple diagnoses are often overlooked due to the persisting racial bias and unwarranted prioritization of white skin in the realm of medicine. These disparities extend far beyond her personal experiences, affecting millions of individuals and amplifying the urgency for societal change. Jolie concludes her thought-provoking op-ed by advocating for transformative measures encompassing advancements in technology, greater diversity and representation in medical research and training, and a resolute embrace of innovative solutions.

    It is worth noting that Jolie has previously shared her family’s struggles with “medical challenges.” In a poignant first-person essay penned for Time magazine on International Women’s Day in 2020, she revealed that both Zahara and Shiloh underwent surgeries, although the specific nature of these medical procedures was not disclosed. The essay poignantly portrays the profound bond between Jolie’s daughters, as they care for and support each other during trying times. Jolie herself has confronted her own medical tribulations, having undergone a preventative double mastectomy in 2013 to mitigate her risk of developing breast cancer. Her decision was heavily influenced by her mother’s untimely demise at the age of 56 due to breast cancer, along with the loss of her aunt and grandmother to the same disease.

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    Angelina Jolie’s op-ed serves as a resounding call to action, urging society to confront and rectify the deeply entrenched racial disparities that continue to plague the healthcare system. With her unwavering commitment to justice and equity, Jolie’s voice resonates as a beacon of hope, reminding us that a collective effort is required to ensure the well-being of all, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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