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    A friend of the actress Shannen Doherty has revealed a terrible truth: She is dying!

    A friend of the actress Shannen Doherty has revealed a terrible truth: She is dying!

    Actress Shannen Doherty has been trying to beat the disease for years.

    The star of the hit series from the nineties, Beverly Hills 90210, believed that she had beaten cancer, which she has been battling for five years, but the disease returned in February this year. It spread to the lymph nodes and entered the fourth stage, foreign media report.

    After Shannen withdrew from the public eye, many wondered how she actually felt, and the answer to that was now given by her colleague from the series, Jason Priestley.

    “Shannen is a fighter and has always been a fighter, and I know she will continue to fight as much as she can,” Jason told Studio 1.

    In addition to Jason, the statement was given to the American media by another of Shanne’s friends who wished to remain anonymous. However, he claims that the actress is very bad and that the forecasts are not optimistic Nezavisne reports.

    – Unfortunately, her condition is so bad that I think she will not live to see 2021. She’s dying! I say this with a heavy heart, but Shannen does not want to run away from the truth and knows what awaits her soon – said a close source of the actress.

    The actress addressed her followers via Instagram at the end of February and shared the bad news about the return of cancer.

    – After fighting for a year, here I am back on the old road. I try to take care of myself and enjoy every day. It’s not always easy. There are days when I am depressed and lazy. With the help of a friend, I succeed – she wrote then.

    – I have not accepted all that yet, it is a bitter pill that I have to swallow. There are days when I wonder ‘why me’, but then I think why not? Who else? Who deserves it? Nobody! – she said on one occasion on the show Good Morning America.

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