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    Janhvi Kapoor Sparkles as the Face of KAZO’s Autumn/Winter Collection

    Bollywood Sensation Janhvi Kapoor Joins Forces with KAZO for a Glamorous Fashion Collaboration

    In a captivating confluence of style and glitz, KAZO, the eminent fashion brand renowned for its contemporary, sequinned ensembles that seamlessly marry opulence and panache, has unveiled its Autumn/Winter collection just in time to set the stage for the forthcoming festive season. But the allure doesn’t end there; KAZO has unveiled a delightful surprise in the form of Janhvi Kapoor, the accomplished actor acclaimed for her dynamic, experimental, and glamorous fashion sensibilities, who is now lauded as the brand’s ambassador. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Vogue India, Kapoor shares her insights about the brand, her personal fashion ethos, and much more.

    The confluence of values between KAZO and Kapoor in the realm of fashion is nothing short of spectacular. Kapoor resonates deeply with KAZO’s motto, “Life is for living, fashion should be fun, and every day is a party.” She acknowledges that this resonation transcends the superficial, as KAZO’s meticulous craftsmanship is tailored to imbue every woman with a perfect fusion of confidence and comfort. It’s as if KAZO is narrating fashion tales that beautifully dovetail with Kapoor’s own sentiments – empowerment, comfort, and the readiness to conquer any occasion. It’s a celebration of womanhood through the medium of fashion.

    Kapoor’s signature style has steadily garnered attention for its drama and high-octane allure. Her sartorial choices have never shied away from the spotlight, always leaving a trail of intrigue in her wake. For Kapoor, it’s about pushing the boundaries and making a bold, indelible statement. Her aesthetics revolve around authenticity, self-confidence, and infusing an element of enjoyment into one’s fashion choices.

    Delving into her favorites from KAZO’s AW’23 Collection, Kapoor is enamored with sequin and lurex dresses, epitomizing the perfect fusion of instant glamor and effortless style. She envisions herself bedecked in these resplendent creations at extravagant soirées, dazzling galas, and exclusive film screenings – events where her radiance will undoubtedly inspire awe among the stars themselves.

    In the realm of personal style and star power, Kapoor has unapologetically embraced the glamorous persona she has cultivated for herself. Her approach is rooted in the idea that personal style is a reflection of one’s soul. Glamour, for Kapoor, is the genuine expression of her selfhood, a testament to self-confidence and the sheer enjoyment of fashion. Beyond her own journey, Kapoor aspires to empower other women to embrace their unique styles and feel comfortable in their sartorial choices, making it not just about her but also about elevating others through fashion.

    When it comes to style icons, Kapoor holds her mother, the legendary Sridevi, in the highest regard. Sridevi effortlessly made fashion appear effortless, an attribute that continues to inspire Kapoor deeply.

    The phenomenon of outfit repetition on the red carpet, especially with statement-making OTT outfits, is a rarity. Kapoor, however, candidly reveals that she has repeated outfits numerous times, a practice that she endorses wholeheartedly. Her advice for those looking to repurpose and re-wear party dresses is sage: for opulent and sparkling attire, consider minimal accessories, while for chic bodycon or slip dresses, breathe new life into the ensemble with stylish high heels and eye-catching statement earrings. It’s a testament to Kapoor’s fashion wisdom that ensures her style remains perennially fresh and inspiring.

    In sum, the union of Janhvi Kapoor and KAZO heralds a spectacular fusion of talent and panache, a testament to the brand’s commitment to celebrating fashion as an exuberant expression of selfhood. Kapoor, with her dynamic persona and glamorous style, is set to ignite the fashion scene with renewed vigor, embodying KAZO’s ethos of celebrating life and style with unbridled enthusiasm.

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