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    How to stay feminine even in cold weather

    With the onset of cold weather, every girl is faced with a dilemma – beauty or comfort. We hasten to assure you that this issue is completely resolved, moreover, there are several ways to make your image stylish and feel cool in the cold season. One of them is to choose luxurious lingerie that will give you a feeling of femininity, even if you are wearing five layers of clothing. The Yanchevskaya lingerie brand team shares simple life hacks.

    Method number 1

    Lingerie is the basis of any image, a kind of canvas for building a future outfit. Everyone understands that it should be properly selected and fit well on the figure, hiding flaws and emphasizing the merits.

    However, few people think that underwear solves another important task, namely, it determines the girl’s sense of self for the whole day. Putting on your favorite set of underwear that fits perfectly and looks spectacular, you feel your attractiveness, confidence, and desirability all day long. This means that even the most layered image will look great because it is put on by a confident and glowing girl from the inside.

    Method number 2

    Also, do not forget that underwear can be fully integrated into your everyday look. For example, a lace bra looks spectacular with a cashmere sweater casually pulled down from one shoulder. The contrast of delicate lace and coarser yarn emphasizes the femininity and airiness of the image – take note!

    Method number 3

    Another surefire way to make a warm look feminine and attractive is to add bold leather accessories. We discard stereotypes about BDSM and integrate extravagant belts, belts, and chokers into autumn outfits. We pay attention to the percentage of the audacity of the image so that there is no bust and vulgarity. For example, we put on a white harness over a white base shirt – it looks interesting and fresh, but not defiant. Or a belt with feathers can become a cool accessory, which, by the way, is the undoubted trend of the season.

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