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    Play goes from three machines to six next spring

    Play has secured the use of six new aircraft, two of which will arrive in Iceland next spring and four in the spring of 2023.

    In addition, it is hoped that one machine will be added to those expected next spring, so the company’s machines will hopefully be six in total in just a few months.

    It would be around the same time as the company embarks on a flight west across the ocean to the United States.

    This is what Birgir Jonsson, CEO of Play, says in a conversation with Media.

    “These are new machines, they just come straight from the box,” says Birgir. He adds that the machines are tailored to the Play stack, which is extremely pleasing.

    “It really works so we are renting them for 10-12 years. And because they are currently in production at Airbus, we can only say exactly how we want them, what equipment we want. ”

    Pay a 25% lower price

    Birgir says that the planes each cost more than 10 million dollars, but the lease agreements that Play makes with Airbus, the manufacturer of the planes, are worth about 30-40 million dollars each. He also says that it is extremely gratifying that Play is getting the machines at a value about 25% lower than the market value before the pandemic virus pandemic.

    This is how future optimization can actually be done, as Birgir himself says.

    “We went to this auction and raised about $ 100 million and can actually use that strength to lease the machines well in advance on these terms, and we’ll get the market there just in the middle of a downturn.”

    Do not fly too close to the sun with US flights

    Since its establishment, the airline Play has said that it intends to use consideration and modesty in its operations, as the Icelandic airline is still badly burned after the Icarus collapse of WOW-Air in 2018. Therefore, Birgir was asked if there were not too many announcements. on planned US flights.

    “When new shareholders came in this April, we foresaw the end of the epidemic in Iceland, or thought we would at least do it. In fact, we were a bit criticized for going too slow, because technically we could have started flying to the US this fall and Play’s original plans assumed that we would do so, “says Birgir and adds:

    “But when I came in and the shareholders now, we slowed down on those plans until next spring and it’s really just a matter of wanting to position ourselves in terms of ‘sales channels’ and in general we wanted to establish ourselves in the market. We are now adding three machines and going from three to six in total – it is a very “controlled” step and I think we are doing this in as considered a way as possible. “

    Latest Posts


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