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    Marilyn Manson will surrender to police after a month of avoidance, the camerawoman attacked

    These claims are ridiculous, but we will cooperate with the authorities, said the singer’s lawyer

    Singer Marilyn Manson will surrender to the Los Angeles Police Department over two criminal charges for the attack on the camerawoman, which allegedly took place at his concert in August 2019, reports “People” magazine.

    After that, criminal proceedings will be initiated in the District Court in New Hampshire. Police issued an arrest warrant a month ago, in May, but Manson showed no desire to return to New Hampshire and is responsible for the charges.

    In an interview with People magazine, the singer’s lawyer Howard King (Howard) said the court could sentence him to up to a year in prison and a fine of $2,000 after the camerawoman demanded more than $35,000 in damages because a small amount of saliva came in contact with her hand. According to witness statements, Manson spat at the camerawoman and shot her with his snout.

    It’s no secret that Manson likes to be provocative on stage, especially in front of the camera. After we asked for evidence of the alleged damage, we never received a response. These claims are ridiculous, but we will cooperate with the authorities, King added.

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