Monday, June 17, 2024

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    Kim Kardashian in a bikini from several angles showed what made her famous

    Although divorce does not affect her, she shines and proudly shows off her body

    Reality star Kim Kardashian ( Kardashian ) with a series of provocative shots in a bikini “expressed” love to millions of people, who must have been delighted by the hot scene.

    Kim posed by the pool in a miniature bikini and showed off her figure from multiple angles. Although she is divorcing, it does not affect her, so the Kardashian shines and proudly shows off her body, but also what made her famous. It is her huge butt, although she had to take an uncomfortable pose for these pictures.

    225 million, I love you – Kim wrote with the post, referring to her followers on Instagram who follow her precisely because of such shots.

    “You look great, who would say you’re stepping on the fifth decade,” “A real bomb,” “It’s not known if it’s a better picture from the front or the back,” are some of the comments.

    Latest Posts


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