Monday, June 17, 2024

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    Croatia is the second poorest country in the European Union

    The richest is Luxembourg

    Yesterday, Eurostat published data on per capita consumption in 2020, which shows that Croatia is at the very bottom of the European Union.

    The AIC measures the value of goods, services, and goods that citizens can buy or receive for the same amount of money. According to new data, Croatia has confirmed the position of the second poorest country in the EU, and only Bulgaria is still worse than its neighbors. The standard in Croatia is 56 percent lower than in Germany.

    Eurostat data show that nine member states are above the EU average in terms of the material well-being of households. The richest is Luxembourg, which is 31 percent above the European average. It is followed by Germany with 23 percent. Austria, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France are in the group of countries that have actual individual consumption 5 to 20 percent above the EU average.

    Latest Posts


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