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    An obsessed fan of Nina Badric came in front of the apartment, because of her he also went to Hvar

    Similar to Jelena Rozga, Nina Badric is also the target of an overzealous fan. The singer was often harassed by a man who wanted to have a closer relationship with her.

    The man did not stop there, namely, he went so far as to appear in Jelsa on the island of Hvar, where Nina bought an apartment a few years ago, according to “Slobodna Dalmacija”, and she also saw him near her apartment in Zagreb.

    According to them, Nina had to contact the police after all. The whole case ended in court, and the assailant was given a precautionary measure relating to the ban on approaching Nina Badrić, the ban on any connection with her, as well as the ban on stalking or harassment.

    The singer has had similar unpleasant experiences before. The police had to react on two occasions.

    • It is a desperate feeling to know that someone is constantly following you. I am a reasonable person and I know the difference between fans and fanatics. This is not a fan. It is a terrible feeling to know that someone is constantly stalking you and coming to your home address, that he knows where you are at all times. You have no choice but to seek the help of the police, Nina said at the time.

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