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    An interview with Suhair Al-Samman AKA Susu In Wanderland

    Instagrammer is an enthusiastic adventurous traveler from Syria. She loves to travel to famous destinations. Pushing her followers to happily and excitedly go through many new adventures. Her traveling can be a life-changing experience by taking the adrenaline up and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and discovering the unknown, and watching herself wandering around the world to discover what you never know.

    Please tell us more about yourself!

    I am Suhair Al-Samman .and I’m a Syrian, with Canadian citizenship, and currently living in Dubai. I am a travel addict, a humanitarian, I also love fashion and trends. I work for the United Nations along with some public telecommunication companies.

    I started my page with an aim to create a lovely feed to spread positivity and beautiful vibes through beautiful photos and videos.

    How do you differentiate yourself between a blogger and an influencer?

    On one hand, I’m an influencer towards happiness, confidence, optimism, and enjoying my life to the fullest. On the other hand, I’m a blogger who loves exploring the beauty of Earth and discovering every single corner of the world.

    How about your work and recent collaborations?

    I think that I am on the right track with my followers. But my main collaboration is with hotels in Dubai and abroad. My first hotel collaboration was with ATLANTIS Hotel in Dubai and Palm Jumeirah in promoting the fabulous Underwater Suit. This suit is the most expensive and unique suite in the world. Indeed, it was an amazing experience.

    How do you research your plans and adventures being a traveler?

    The hardest part for me is to decide on suitable days to travel as I have many other commitments. Moreover, I usually decide late, but anyhow I manage it well. However, I always check the best time to travel and also search for the amazing activities that need to be done there.

    1. Find new places that are unfamiliar if you are a frequent traveler.
    2. Check for areas of hotels and reserve the suitable one.
    3. Find a driver if needed.
    4. Buy the ticket.

    Suhair carries her camera everywhere and shares her experience on her Instagram page. She emphasizes the important aspects of a place, alluring features, and captures it through her lens.

    She also expressed her views on why traveling and experiencing each country is important and beautiful. The story is also truly inspiring for all budding travelers.

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