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    Prigogine responded to rumors about the pregnancy of the wife of his son Valeria

    The wedding of Arseny Shulgin, the youngest son of the singer Valeria, became not only a social event but also the reason for numerous rumors. They discussed everything: from expensive gifts to the bride’s pregnancy.

    Arseny and his girlfriend Liana became a couple when Valeria’s son was still a schoolboy, and this novel caused a scandal in a star family. Arseny then abandoned his studies at the Academy of Music and announced his decision to live with his beloved. However, over time, it became clear that the young couple copes well with an independent life. Arseny succeeds as a businessman, and may well create his own family.

    The wedding of Arseny and Lana was inevitably accompanied by the desire of gossip lovers to find out the whole backstage side of this marriage. Many were sure that Lana was in a position, so the young people decided to go to the registry office.

    “Perhaps it is so, but we do not know anything about it. We haven’t seen Liana’s tummy, ” Iosif Prigogine told the WomanHit website. – Moreover, it is not ethical for us to approach Liana or Arseny and ask about pregnancy. Why would I put them in an idiotic position? ”

    Also, Arseny’s stepfather noted that if the rumors are confirmed, then he and Valeria will be very happy about the upcoming replenishment in the family.


    Latest Posts


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