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    Photographer reconstructed the face of Jesus with artificial intelligence

    Bas Uterwijk created his artistic representation of Christ using a series of familiar images, further adapting its appearance to the geographical area and time of history.

    With the help of artificial intelligence, a Dutch photographer has created an image of Jesus that ended up going viral on the Internet, however, many users and believers immediately noticed that there was something that did not fit compared to the traditional image Christ represented in icons. known.

    Photography artist Bas Uterwijk had already used technology to recreate historical and fictional figures. But it wasn’t until he unveiled his latest work that he sparked a stir on social media.

    With the help of the neural network service Artbreeder, Uterwijk combined multiple images of known faces of Jesus to synthesize it into one. She used different artistic representations of Byzantine and Renaissance origin, including Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’, as well as the Sanctuary of Turin.

    Finally, he retouched some features, the hair, and the beard so that it was according to the ethnic groups of the Middle East of the time. Although the result is hyper-realistic, the artist himself recognizes that it is simply one of the possibilities of how Jesus could have looked.

    Latest Posts


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