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    How much salt and when to give the child

    During the first year, babies need only a gram of salt a day, and in the second year, less than two grams

    Experts categorically claim that babies should not be salted until the first year. In the first six months, the baby needs only a gram of salt a day and will get it from breast milk or formula. This rule should be followed until the first birthday.

    Children older than one year need a little less than two grams of salt a day. To comply with these rules you need:

    – Limit salty foods on your baby’s menu.

    – Do not add salt during cooking or serving meals.

    – Limit ready-made foods, such as frozen dishes, pies, biscuits, pizzas, cheese.

    – A good choice is food intended for children because it contains optimal amounts of all supplements.

    – Babies should not be offered adult food, such as dried meat products.

    – Fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, legumes, and milk belong to the group of foods with low salt content. Rice and pasta, too, do not contain much salt and are suitable food for children.

    Make it a habit to read the declaration when buying food, on which it should be written and how much salt that product contains.

    Latest Posts


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