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    Business is difficult if you don’t understand it -Amela Kadric Kadic

    It’s not easy being a woman these days. Entrepreneurship requires engagement and a strong strategy for its launch, a smart investment. A happy woman challenges herself, be it intellectually, physically, or otherwise. I am grateful to God that I never had to choose between family and work.

    Although traditionally a male-dominated discipline, dentistry is increasingly welcoming women into the fold, with female dental students now outnumbering their male counterparts in many countries. Doctor of dentistry and specialist in oral surgery Amela Kadric Kadic told us about the challenges that women can face in dentistry and what it takes to succeed in this environment. Amela also has continuous education in the field of dental implantology, bone augmentation, and periodontology, and she is the owner of the dental office “H&E” in Sarajevo, so we did not lack professional information.

    You are a successful businesswoman. Is it true that it is more difficult for women to succeed and break through into the business world than men?

    • Nowadays, it is not easy to be a woman. When we look at the statistics on the employment of women in our country, but also in the region, it can be seen that they are predominantly employed in lower-paid activities, because they are positioned lower in the hierarchy. Among the most frequent forms of discrimination are the unequal position of women and men in terms of access during employment, discrimination during advancement in the organizational structure, and the like. There is no male and female entrepreneurship. The moment someone decides to become an entrepreneur, the problems are the same at work. Then you become a person who fights for your goals and forgets about gender and discrimination. Constant investment in knowledge, work, as well as discipline, dedication, and innovation are necessary. All of this is difficult regardless of whether you are male or female, the problems are similar. A woman has an additional burden, namely children, exhausted parents in their later years, but also generally exhausted and sick family members. Entrepreneurship requires engagement and a strong strategy for starting it, smart investment, and all of that seasoned with a large dose of luck – said Kadric Kadic at the beginning of the interview for “Megalopreneur” magazine.


    While everyone talked about the difficulty of musicians and actors, hardly anyone thought about dentists and private practices during the pandemic. How much has the pandemic crisis affected your business?

    • The Covid pandemic has changed the way of life, slowed down, and even completely stopped the activities of people in certain spheres of society. Given the high risk of the dental profession and the procedures that result in the scattering of particles and aerosols from the oral cavity, private dental offices were forced to close their doors for a period of two months. Also, if we analyze the fact that the virus does not disappear overnight, and that the danger, even though it is waning, will be present for some time to come, the obvious conclusion is that dentists will also have to get used to changes in their work. I would like to point out the fact that during the pandemic, when the surgery was not working, and when many were out of work, I managed to keep the same number of employees in my surgery, which I am very proud of.

    Do you have a “secret” and a recipe for success, tell us what is the philosophy of your business.

    • Business is difficult. If you don’t understand it, then it’s even harder. If you’re only chasing short-term monetary gain, then you’re likely to fail. There is no magic formula or quick fix that will lead you to success. Many people are afraid of risk and are not ready to invest, especially in the society and time in which we live. You have to have courage and try to make use of your idea. You need to dream and have an indomitable desire to fulfill that dream. Look at every difficult period as an opportunity to learn and look for a way to benefit from the situation.

    What is surgery for you?

    • Since I am an oral surgeon, surgery is the most important secondary thing in my life. Simply, when I start the operation, the outside world ceases to exist for me: there is only the patient and me. Surgery is great because immediately after the procedure you have the result in front of you. I love my patients and their problem becomes mine until I solve them. After that, the smile of a patient who leaves my office makes me the happiest person in the world.

    What do you like most about your job, and what would be a big challenge for you?

    • When you have your own business, you also have freedom. Freedom is often a path to satisfaction where you can relax. Learn self-discipline. The job requires hard work and dedication. Commit to your business idea and to the people you love, be it your employees, patients, relatives, or friends.

    What is the highest cost of the work you do?

    • Whoever decides to engage in this extremely self-sacrificing, responsible, and noble profession, mostly does so out of love for others and the desire to help, and that should certainly be appreciated. The understanding of my loved ones for my absence for the selfless work I do would certainly not be possible without the selfless love of my husband, children, and parents. The biggest cost of a woman entrepreneur’s success is the time not spent with her family, which is irreplaceable and priceless.

    Let’s go a bit private. Who is Amela when she is not working?

    • When Amela is not working, she is the mother of two beautiful children, the wife of a very understanding husband, and a friend with a big heart. Likes to travel and enjoy with family and friends. In the eyes of her parents, she is still a girl who likes to make everyone smile and make everyone around her happy.

    Have you ever had to choose between family and work?

    • I am grateful to God that I never had to choose between family and work. My family has always been very supportive and understanding. They are my driving force and strength.

    How do you start your day?

    • I start my day by getting up early, always with strong coffee, and thinking about my plans for the day.

    Who has been your greatest support throughout all the years of your life, without whom you would not have succeeded?

    • Given that my husband and I have identical jobs (surgeon op.a.), we understand and complement each other very well. I’m sure that if it weren’t for his selfless support and belief in me, I wouldn’t be giving you an interview for this position. He is always there to assist in my surgical procedures, with his expert advice he helps in deciding the final outcome for the patient, and with his presence, he shares a great responsibility with me.

    When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, which aesthetic do you fit in the most?

    • A lady on the street, a woman at home, with a lady’s style, I like to follow trends, but I think that what you wear inside is much more important than what you wear. Happiness and brilliance come from within. A happy woman challenges herself, be it intellectually, physically, or otherwise. It is, in fact, crucial for good mental health. A happy woman sees only the good around her and she always makes the best out of every situation.

    The most common dental procedure that people decide on?

    • The face is constantly available for evaluation of the aesthetic impression, and the smile, along with the eyes, is its most impressive part. Aesthetics is an important concept of modern dental medicine and includes a set of different therapeutic procedures that shape a beautiful and harmonious smile. Today, more and more patients come to the office with completely healthy, but aesthetically less attractive teeth. Accordingly, they most often decide on fixed prosthetic works (crowns) and the installation of dental implants.

    Biggest prejudice about dentists?

    • The main prejudice against dentists is that they only inflict pain during interventions. This is mostly related to negative experiences in the earlier period of life when the first contact with the dentist was painful and therefore remained an ugly memory. That is why it is emphasized to visit the dentist in painless stages when the visit will be more pleasant for both the patient and the dentist.

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