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    Came to his wife and brother in the middle of a brawl

    A desperate man seeks advice from Dear Deidre, The Sun’s sex and relationship counselor. He walked in on his wife holding past him. But it was not the greatest clash, but with whom she was passing by; her brother.

    “She is adopted so they are not related to blood, but I was shocked. My life has turned upside down, but this does not seem to bother her family. I am 36 years old and my wife is 34 years old. We’ve been married for six years. “My wife’s parents adopted her and had a son who is ten years older than her,” says the man.

    “My wife said they have been sleeping together since she was a teenager. I’m having such a hard time talking to her about this. I moved out but my family refuses to talk to me, they are so ashamed of me. I do not want to tell my friends about this because I know they would tease me. ”

    Deidre gives the man advice.

    “How young was your wife when her brother, who is ten years older, started having sex with her? Your wife’s family seems to have no boundaries and it sounds like her brother has abused her. It is very natural that you are upset, “says Deidre and points out to the man where he can seek help.

    “Then you might be ready to talk to your wife.”

    Latest Posts


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