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    Crypto VC Struggles Differ Globally: Animoca Brands CEO Sheds Light at Collision Conference

    Web3 Startups Thriving in Asia and Middle East, While North American Crypto Entrepreneurs Face Challenges Amid Regulatory Climate and Economic Factors

    In a thought-provoking discussion at the esteemed Collision conference in Toronto, Yat Siu, the seasoned CEO of Animoca Brands, unveiled valuable insights into the struggles faced by crypto venture capital firms, asserting that the challenges are not as daunting as they may initially appear.

    While the crypto landscape exhibits a lack of uniformity across the globe, with Web3 startups flourishing in the Middle East and Asia, North American crypto entrepreneurs encounter arduous obstacles stemming from macroeconomic conditions and regulatory frameworks, as underscored by Yat Siu, CEO of Animoca Brands, during his interview with Cointelegraph at the prestigious Collision conference in Toronto.

    Mr. Siu artfully delineated the distinguishing features characterizing the crypto business environment on an international scale, emphasizing that the situation is not as bleak as it may sound.

    He elucidated that, although Web3 startups can still secure funding from venture capital firms, the current circumstances, such as elevated global interest rates and a downturn in crypto asset valuations, have raised the bar for new entrants into the industry.

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    Undeterred by these challenges, Mr. Siu voiced his optimism, stating, “Valuations have naturally decreased, but the influx of pioneering developers, the proliferation of smart contracts, and the growing number of participants continue unabated. Overall, our outlook remains exceedingly positive.” He further revealed that Animoca Brands had remarkably added almost 60 investments to its diverse portfolio in recent months.

    Despite the industry’s continued activity, it has undeniably lost some of its former vigor. The first-quarter report of 2023 from PitchBook Crypto reveals that crypto companies raised $2.6 billion across 353 investment rounds, indicating a quarter-over-quarter decline of 11% in deal values and a significant 12.2% reduction in total deal value.

    Yat Siu’s perceptive observations follow a series of significant developments that have profoundly impacted the crypto sphere since FTX’s dramatic collapse in November 2022. Notably, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched an aggressive crackdown on crypto firms, aiming to regulate the industry through vigorous enforcement actions.

    Conversely, Hong Kong has taken a proactive approach by implementing a licensing system for crypto businesses, with the primary objective of mitigating the risks inherent in digital asset markets. Similarly, the United Kingdom has followed suit, endorsing legislation that empowers regulators to introduce and enforce regulations for crypto enterprises.

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    Reflecting on the divergent global landscapes, Yat Siu astutely observed, “When evaluating the state of crypto venture capital from a North American perspective, one might perceive a bleak outlook. However, when exploring the dynamic ecosystems in the Middle East and Asia, the vibrancy becomes strikingly apparent.” The CEO attributed this discrepancy to the regulatory aspects that have served as a “hammer” on Web3 companies, fostering widespread uncertainty among industry stakeholders who yearn for clarity.

    The seasoned crypto entrepreneur dismisses the notion of mere coincidence when it comes to disparate national approaches to the industry. Mr. Siu contends that the favorable environment for emerging technology in Asian nations juxtaposed with the adversarial stance taken by the United States are both deliberate strategies to safeguard national interests.

    He expounded, “Promoting the narrative of Web3 transcends individual interests, instead prioritizing national interests. Although it is regrettable that the U.S., owing to political reasons, is relinquishing its leading role, this vacuum allows for the flourishing of ecosystems in untapped regions.”

    Yat Siu’s profound insights shed light on the divergent paths undertaken by countries in their quest to navigate the complex and ever-evolving crypto landscape. As the industry continues to grapple with the interplay of regulatory measures and economic forces, it is crucial for stakeholders to embrace a nuanced understanding of these global disparities, paving the way for innovative solutions that transcend borders and unlock the full potential of the crypto space.

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