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    This is Melania Trump’s sister, whom she hid from the public for years

    Melania and Ines were inseparable growing up

    Although Melania chose to do public work and almost everything is known about her life, few know what her sister, Ines Knauss, looks like.

    Melania and Ines were inseparable while growing up, and they inherited a love of fashion from their mother, who worked in a children’s clothing factory.

    • They never wore clothes from the store. They created and sewed all their clothes themselves, said an unnamed source.

    Ines is two years older than Melania, and as the former first lady once said, she is her biggest support.

    The two of them first moved from a small town in Sevnica to Ljubljana, where they attended high school and dreamed of working in the fashion industry. Driven by the idea of ​​becoming big names in the fashion world, they move to Milan, where Melania catches the eye of fashion agents. She was immediately offered to work as a model. Still, Ines was not so lucky. Although she had a great desire to become a fashion designer, it remained just a dream.

    -She really wanted to do fashion, but she didn’t know how to break through. She was not like the other girls there, who acted like queens. She was polite and very nice, said the Parisian photographer who had the opportunity to meet them.

    However, Ines continued to follow her sister in a stop, so she moved with her to New York, where she still lives today in a luxury apartment on Park Avenue and is engaged in art.

    By the way, Ines was very active in using social networks until 2016. However, when Melania became the first lady, she was no longer active.

    However, looking at the old photos, you can clearly see how similar the sisters are. Like Melania, Ines is a very beautiful and beautiful woman.

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