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    Father wants to extort two million dollars from the singer – Lawyers Britney Spears

    Britney Spears’ lawyers claim that her father, Jamie Spears, is trying to get two million dollars from her before he resigns from the position of her guardian, reports “Mirror”. The singer confirmed this in new legal documents.

    Foreign media write that Britney pointed out that her father had previously admitted that it would be best for him to resign from the position of her guardian and that he only wanted money from her.

    Jamie reportedly needs money to pay his lawyers and former business associates. However, Oojevac’s lawyer does not want to give in to his demands.

    – Father Britney Spears will not extort anything. He has no right to set conditions for removal from the place of the guardian. He should have retired already. It would be polite and correct, “the lawyer told foreign media, adding that he would ask to be suspended if Jamie did not retire as a guardian by the end of September when the trial in Los Angeles is scheduled.

    Jamie Spears recently agreed to step down as his daughter’s longtime caregiver. He then stated that the singer was “saved from disaster” by his guardianship and that the public would actually praise him, not denigrate him, if they knew the extent of her addiction and mental health problems.

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