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    As Sulejman Kupusovic said – When I hear someone swear twice to God or Allah, I immediately run away from him

    We are not a people of drama. We are more of a people than poetry and epics, said Kupusovic

    The famous Bosnian theater and film director Sulejman Kupusovic died on this day in 2014.

    On that occasion, his brother Unkas Kupusovic published a joint photo of Sulejman and the deceased BiH diva today. theaters of Nada Durevski.

    – Sulejman Kupusovic, Working Class Hero, 15.08.2014 – 15.08.2021. – wrote Unkas.

    Sulejman Kupusovic was accompanied by the verses of “Working Class Hero” at the commemorative session with the verses of John Lennon.

    – If on bh. there is a star in the theater sky, then one of the brightest is called Sulejman Kupusovic. If there are happy actors somewhere, then they are the ones who worked with him – said Josip Pejakovićc at the commemoration seven years ago.

    Here are some of Kupusovic’s most famous statements:

    – I’m just doing my job. The claims that I am now directing scandals in public are ridiculous. The fact that some people are irritated by what I do is not my problem.

    – If “Dervish and Death” can be called a folk show, then Mesa Selimovic is the yellow press.

    – This is my experience – as soon as I hear someone swear twice to God or Allah, I immediately run away from him.

    “No one can catch me on chauvinism”
    – It is a shame that a great man like Berber, and Safet Zec, are not members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH

    – First and foremost, I hate boredom…

    – Nobody can catch me for chauvinism, because my wife’s name is Svjetlana.

    – It is funny to me when I see that today someone is the Minister of Culture, tomorrow the Minister of Agriculture, and the day after tomorrow the director of the health center.

    – I think we are a nation born with a genetic defect.

    – We are not a people of drama. We are more of a nation than poetry and epics.

    TV drama

    Kupusovic was born in 1951 in Kladanj. He graduated in theater, film, television, and radio directing at the Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Zagreb in 1974, and philosophy and comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He specialized in theater directing in Warsaw and Krakow in 1986.

    He directed in theaters throughout the former Yugoslavia, later in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Kupusovic also directed the first Bosnian opera – “Hasanaginica”, which premiered in Sarajevo on March 18, 2000, and in which the prima donna of the Sarajevo Opera Amila Baksic performed in the title role. He has directed television dramas and series and is the author of the hit “Women’s Turbofolk Band”, performed by the ensemble of the Sarajevo Chamber Theater ’55.

    Kupusovic realized a dozen plays, several series (“Tale”, “Teversene’s fairy tales” te), and a large number of documentaries and music programs on television. Kupusovic will bh. The audience also remembers theatrical performances he directed, such as: “King Lear”, “Propercije”, “Rabies”, “Brothers Karamazov”, “Grand Vizier”, “Novel about London”, “Hasanaginica”, “Kidaj”. from his wife ”,“ Dervish and Death ”,“ Hanka ”,“ Fortress ”,“ Legend of Ali Pasha ”,“ Ballad about Omer and Merima ”,“ Hamlet in the village of Mrdusa donja or Hamlet knows what the people do not know ”.

    He has won numerous awards at national and international theater and television festivals.

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