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    The Hong Kong virologist again denounced her findings on Covid – “It was created in a laboratory”

    Li-Meng Yan managed to leave China and reach the United States where she is a refugee.

    Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who fled to the US in April, reaffirmed her complaints against the Chinese regime and the origin of the new coronavirus, insisting that it was created in the laboratory in Wuhan, the city where the first outbreak was reported. of COVID-19.

    The virologist, who worked at the Hong Kong University of Public Health, was interviewed by ultraconservative journalist Tucker Carlson of Fox News, the same channel where she made her star appearance in July of last year and the following months.

    “The virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan, and it was made by the military based on modified bat viruses, and then spread after being modified,” he said. According to her, she began studying the virus in December from Hong Kong and was in contact with other virologists who were in mainland China and had more information on the subject.

    “In December 2019 I was secretly recruited by my supervisor, the virologist Leo Poon who is working with the WHO for this secret investigation into Wuhan pneumonia. Soon, my work involved Chinese doctors, researchers, and even CDC, also civilians gathering information, combined with my knowledge. I finally discovered that this virus is from a laboratory, ”he summarized.

    The researcher regretted that the Chinese government did not provide any information on the first cases at that time. “But my laboratory has the WHO reference, which means that it has to monitor these types of emergencies in the area. When the outbreak came out, a type of information came. Hong Kong and the WHO needed to look for information and could not get it from official sources, and I am the researcher sent by them to do this research, ”he said.

    Last year, the WHO responded that “many people work for them as consultants” but have no data to prove that Yan or Poon on their payroll. In addition, the spokesmen denied that the virologist worked for a reference laboratory of the organization specialized in viruses and pandemics, as she stated.

    As the doctor recalled, her supervisor warned her to be very careful. “He told me not to touch the red lines, that means the invisible principles, otherwise I would be responsible,” he said, referring to possible retaliation from the Chinese regime if it asked too many questions or made senior officials uncomfortable.

    The complainant also revealed that her husband may be pursuing her. Before her escape, she claimed that her partner was trying to harm her to prevent her from leaving. Now, he claims that he came to the United States on a two-year visa.

    Yan argued that this person could be in coordination with the Chinese Communist Party to make her “disappear” for her explosive complaints.

    Li-Meng Yan’s accusations have caused the University of Hong Kong, where he worked, to remove his website and published a statement informing him that he is no longer a member of the team.

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