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    Hailey Bieber is now wearing beach waves with chunky highlights

    Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a big make-over to give your own look more freshness. Hailey Bieber shows what simple fine-tuning can do

    Beach waves and chunky highlights a la Hailey Bieber – the perfect hairstyle combination

    Hailey Bieber has given her hair another update, but a very simple one. As you know, the model likes to do that. Your mane usually only gets a new look with small, fine touch-ups, but it looks super fresh. And in that case, it is chunky highlights and beach waves that are a real eye-catcher.

    Lately, Hailey Bieber has gone back to basics and has rocked her hair in a dark shade of blonde – sometimes in a bun, sometimes naturally air-dried. And after her vacation in Greece with her husband Justin Bieber, she has now given herself a suitable after-beach look, as you can see on Instagram. There she published a short selfie video of herself on which she presented her new look.

    Hailey Bieber had her hair freshened up

    Hailey has had her hair lightened a little, now wears fine chunky highlights and halo flashes that skilfully frame her face. It’s the perfect summer styling and a great mix of light and darker nuances so that the overall look looks wonderfully natural. Hailey Beach Waves has been styled to match the “As if kissed by the sun” look, which also provides holiday flair after the holiday. Since the mini make-over alone makes her hair stand out, she uses a subtle make-up: nude lips, a light coppery shine on the eyes, done.

    This offers inspiration and is well received by both friends and fans of Hailey, who almost inundate her with hymns of praise on Instagram. Singer Justine Skye, for example, commented: “Wow, how can you keep getting more beautiful and beautiful?” Influencer Emili Sindlev wrote: “Sooo beautiful.” But the more than 1.2 million likes that Hailey has received so far for her post and the new hairstyle speak for themselves.

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