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    These 3 long hairstyles are out in summer 2021 – now we are wearing these haircuts for long hair

    Haircuts and hairstyles for long hair have never been more exciting than this summer. We’ll tell you here which long hairstyles are particularly popular (and which are no longer)

    Long hairstyles and haircuts for long hair in summer 2021: these 3 are in and these 3 are out

    Not sure what to do with your long hair? Do you want a change, but don’t want to sacrifice length for it? We have found the coolest long hairstyles and haircuts for summer 2021 – and there is sure to be something for you too. We’ll also tell you which hairstyles for long hair have to sit on the bench for the time being.

    Long hair: These 3 hairstyles and haircuts are out in the summer of 2021 – and we’re wearing these instead
    Out: Blunt Cut

    In: 70ies LayersYou can get the most out of long hair with steps. On the one hand, they look immediately lighter with layers but still get more volume. How good that hairstyles with layers are all the rage right now thanks to haircuts like the shag or mullet. With long hair, many levels mean that the top of the head in particular has more volume. Plus the haircut immediately exudes 70ies vibes. Our tip for a stylish long hairstyle in summer: Combine the layered cut with curtain bangs. These bangs flatter the face and make it look softer.

    Out: Sleek ponytail

    In: Half-up hairstyle

    Sure, a ponytail like this is really practical in summer with long hair. But he can also appear strict quickly. But not the half-up version . Here only the top half of the hair is tied in a mini ponytail at the back of the head. The rest of the hair remains open. This long hairstyle is done quickly and is the perfect compromise between open and closed hair. Especially nice for the summer: Simply integrate a hair accessory into the half ponytail.

    Out: Ombre

    In: highlights

    Ombre style gradients are very popular on long hair. But now we are streaking all of our hair again. And preferably in such a way that you can clearly see the colored strands. This brings movement into the hair and makes it no longer appear so one-dimensional. When it comes to the color of the highlights, you can go two shades lighter, after all, they should also be visible. A really cool and trendy look for long hair. Our favorite long hairstyle in summer 2021!

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