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    The most beautiful beaches in Turkey

    Most of the beaches are owned by large hotels

    Most of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey are owned by large hotels or beach entertainment clubs that provide many additional services, leaving much less space for public and free beaches. Fortunately, these large companies keep their beaches clean (public ones that are almost never cleaned are usually full of garbage) and the prices of these beaches are relatively low and are usually sandy or fine gravel.

    Kaputas beach

    A few hundred years ago, a large abyss appeared here on one side of the mountain. The water in the gorge dried up and so Kaputas beach was created, a small piece of sandy beach about 400 steps when you get off the main road, and you have the impression that you are in the middle of some wilderness. From here you can swim to one of the nearby phosphorescent caves.

    Asos Beach

    It is hard to resist the temptation to sit on the steep foot of this beach and watch the historic buildings in the background, even though the beach itself is very small. When the sun sets and the moonlight begins to refract across the water, you’ll think you’re flying among the stars.

    Conjalti Beach

    The recently arranged beach in the center of the city of Antalya brought even better changes to this seaside resort, which was on the verge of falling on the list of the best Turkish resorts. Miles of pebble beaches, promenades along the coast, neat lawns, and all the other things common to exclusive holiday towns make Antalya one of the most visited destinations in Turkey.

    Latest Posts


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