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    I lost weight by accident – Demi Lovato

    She feels calmer and calmer

    Although she says her latest weight loss is the result of her now being ‘in a much healthier place in her head’, Demi Lovato, 28, admits her relationship with food and exercise has not always been healthy.

    • I used to eat something and go to the gym right after that. That is not happiness and that is not freedom – she said in a recent interview.

    In order to achieve a healthier exercise regime, Demi took a break from her busy schedule in October 2019.

    “I took a break from exercising in October two years ago to accept my body as it naturally is,” she said.

    She added that she knew how to fire her employees who pressured her to look a certain way.

    • If I was in a hotel room in the evening, they would take my phone so I could not order food in the room, or if there was fruit in the room, they would remove it so that I would not eat extra sugar. It is dangerous to control how someone eats if that person is recovering from an eating disorder – said Ellen DeGeneres on the show Ellen DeGeneres last year.

    She says her latest weight loss is the result of her being mentally healthier.

    • I don’t count calories anymore and I don’t overdo it anymore. I no longer limit myself and most importantly, I don’t live my life according to my child’s rules. With all that, I managed to lose pounds, quite by accident. I feel full of wisdom, peace, serenity, happiness, and love – she concluded.

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