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    These are the most common mistakes when brushing your teeth and protecting your teeth

    Most people brush their teeth at least twice a day, but many may make various mistakes when brushing that may even diminish their usefulness. Here are ten things that are bad for dental hygiene and tooth protection.

    1. Brushing your teeth after breakfast. It is best to brush your teeth as soon as you get up, as this will remove the bacteria that have formed in your mouth during the night. After breakfast, it is enough to rinse with mouthwash.

    2. Do not rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. If you do, you will flush the fluoride in the toothpaste away, but it is very good for the teeth and plays a role in preventing cavities. Therefore, just spit the toothpaste out and stop rinsing.

    3. Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. It is best to wait 30-40 minutes after a meal with a toothbrush because then the saliva has had time to balance the pH value in the mouth but it decreases when people eat or drink. If it is brushed immediately after eating, mouth acids enter the teeth and cause damage to the enamel.

    4. Do not use a toothbrush with too stiff hair. It is best to use a toothbrush with medium-stiff hair. Using a brush with too stiff hair damages the palate, gums, and enamel.

    5. Do not eat between meals. It is not good for the teeth if eaten between meals. The more often the teeth come into contact with food, the more likely it is that tooth decay will form and this can contribute to cavity formation. If you do not have the urge to nibble, it is best to eat raw vegetables that can help clean your teeth or unsalted nuts that are rich in calcium and vitamin D that keep your teeth and palate healthy.

    6. Using your teeth as a recorder. It goes without saying that it is not a good idea to use your teeth as a recorder or to open various other packagings. It increases the chances of teething. If this happens badly, keep your teeth in milk until you go to the dentist.

    7. Dark drinks are bad for your teeth. Dark drinks such as rum and coke are the worst drinks when it comes to dental health because their pH value is very low and they, therefore, contain a lot of acids.

    8. Sweet drinks are not good for your teeth. Many non-alcoholic drinks are bad for the teeth, but fruit juice is a better choice than soft drinks. It reduces the contact of sugar with the teeth if drunk through a tube. Another method of reducing the harmful effects of sugary drinks is to chew sugarless gum immediately after drinking it as it helps to balance the acidity in the mouth.

    9. Do not floss after brushing. It is best to floss before brushing. This frees up food debris and the teeth become ready for toothbrushing.

    10. Let the dental floss go down along the teeth. It is very important to floss and it is also very important to use it properly. When the floss is between the teeth, it is best to slide it down the side of one tooth and then down the side of the other. Care must also be taken to allow the floss to gently pass over the gums between the teeth. Do not let the floss go up and down along the teeth as it can damage them.

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